Interactive Science Notebook Order:

Page 1: Rally Coach Column on Balancing Equations, Homework Sheet on Balancing EquationsPage 2: Guided Notes on Balancing Chemical EquationsPage 3: Homework on Writing Chemical Equations (half sheet with 10 word equations)Page 4: Notes on Writing Chemical EquationsPage 5: Homework on Types of Reactions and Predicting Products (Half of sheet with 10 questions)Page 6: Guided Notes on Types of ReactionPage 7: Homework on Types of Reactions and Predicting Products (Other half of sheet with 10 questions), Rally Coach Column on Predicting Products andBalancing, and Chemical Reactions FindSomeWho... WorksheetPage 8: Guided Notes on Predicting ProductsPage 9: Homework on Net Ionic EquationsPage 10: Guided Notes on Net Ionic EquationsPage 11: Homework on Acitivity SeriesPage 12: Notes on Activity SeriesPage 14: RubricPage 16: EOQ Review NotesPage 17: Creative OutputPage 18: Guided Cumulative Review Notes 1Page 19: Creative OutputPage 20: Guided Cumulative Review Notes 2Page 22: Guided Cumulative Review Notes 3Page 24: Calculator NotesPage 25: Creative Output, The Mole HWPage 26: Guided Notes on The MolePage 28: Guided Notes on Molar MassPage 29: QuizQuizTrade on Moletown, Moletown HW, Mole QuizPage 30: Notes on MoletownPage 31: Percent Composition Lab (Gum Lab), Percent Composition HWPage 32: Notes on Percent CompositionPage 33: RallyCoach Column on Empirical Formulas, Empirical Formulas HWPage 34: Guided Notes on Empirical FormulasPage 36: Guided Notes on Molecular FormulasPage 38: RubricPage 39: Mole Ratio HWPage 40: Guided Notes on Mole RatioPage 41: Stoichiometry HW, Stoichiometry FindSomeoneWho..., More Stoichiometry Practice SheetPage 42: Guided Notes on Multi-Step "Moletown" ProblemsPage 43: Percent Yield ClassworkPage 44: Guided Notes on Percent YieldPage 45: Limiting Reactants Guided Inquiry (using Starbursts and Peppermints), Limiting Reactants HWPage 46: Guided Notes on Limiting ReactantsPage 47: Gas Laws Lab (with marshmallows, balloons, and cans), Charles' Law Sheet, Boyle's Law Sheet, Creative Output, Gas Laws FindSomeoneWho...Page 48: Guided Notes on Basic Gas LawsPage 49: Combined Gas Law Homework (1/2 sheet with 7 problems)Page 50: Guided Notes on Combined Gas LawPage 51: Ideal Gas Law HomeworkPage 52: Guided Notes on Ideal Gas LawPage 53: Dalton's Law and Graham's Law FindSomeoneWho (3 questions), Dalton's Law and Graham's Law HWPage 54: Guided Notes on Dalton's Law and Graham's LawPage 56: RubricPage 57: Net Ionic Equations Review Sheet, Stoichiometry, Isotopes, and Gas Laws Review SheetPage 58: EOQ 3 Review NotesPage 60: EOQ 3 OverviewPage 61: Reaction Rates HWPage 62: Notes on Reaction RatesPage 63: Measuring Heat HWPage 64: Guided Notes on Heat EnergyPage 65: Hvap/Hfus and Heating/Cooling Curves HW, Thermochemistry ReviewPage 66: Guided Notes on Heat of Vaporization/FusionPage 67: Enthalpy/Entropy HWPage 68: Enthalpy/Entropy NotesPage 69: Molarity HomeworkPage 70: Units of Concentration NotesPage 71: Dilution HW, Dilution Lab, Solutions QuizPage 72: Dilution NotesPage 73: Nomenclature and Conjugates HWPage 74: Acids/Bases Nomenclature and Conjugates NotesPage 75: pH/pOH HomeworkPage 76: pH/pOH Notes